About me

Now I'm learning user experience web skills (UX) and working on a online project I want to start up.

I've been Art Director at Central Newsroom for regional newspapers in Vocento, where we create content / pages our 12 newspapers publish daily and we coordinated ideas and projects to improve. El Correo - Bilbao, Sur - Málaga or Las Provincias - Valencia are some of them.

Journalism Degree, University of Navarra.

I've been designer at Arcadia, newspapers design firm leaded by Alberto Torregrosa, from 1997 to 2008. I was honoured to participate in creation, concept design and redesign development for a wide range of newspapers, as Vocento regional dailies, ABC, Diario de Navarra and El Progreso, La Voz del Interior and Los Andes (Argentina), and magazines as Motor 16, Blanco y Oro or Rumbos.

Formerly I've been writer at newspaper Ideal - Granada, for three years, working on Sunday edition reports and local news.

President (wow! you know) of the ÑH10 News Design Awards Jury (2013).

Speaker at SND Show don't tell Italy show in Milan and Rome and CEU XIII Design Day to explain the Vocento regional redesign (2010).

Spanish native, English basic, Italian advanced.

Recently moved to Barcelona, and always a typolover.


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